The First Four Weeks

Here I am at 4 weeks into this journeyūüôā. I have to say it certainly have been a trying time for me. There have been plenty of emotional¬†ups and downs, and in the past¬†this is what would have sidetracked me. I did not let that happen this time. I will admit there had been a¬†few times I ate¬†a larger portion or didn’t choose the most healthiest, but those were basically just blimps in the radar and¬†did not take me completely off my plan.¬†Also it should be noted, my plan for the first bit was to focus on getting into routine of¬†physical activity and am proud to say I have been doing great in that aspect. I¬†get to the gym for a swim or aquafit class nearly every day and sometimes¬†twice a day! I haven’t been doing the bikes all that often because it does cause some discomfort with my foot, so I think for the time being I will just stick to the pool.

There hasn’t been much changes in the discomfort of my foot.¬† I’m still wearing the aircast when not at work or somewhere where I have to drive(can’t drive with it on). I’m still waiting to receive my updated orthotics so I can wear them in my work shoes. Hopefully once that comes in and my feet adjust to it I will start noticing a change. I go back to see the surgeon in April so I’ll get a better idea of what the nest step will be.

I’ve been starting to notice some changes in my body. I feel muscles tightening in my shoulders and chest. There is no ‘major’ noticeable body changes but I can see some ‘minor’ ones. For starters my pants are much easier to button and shirts ate fitting better.¬† As far as the weight I’m done 8¬†pounds. Not quite the 10 I was aiming for, but still a good number and as I’ve been told I’m¬†building muscle from the swimming and muscle burns fat but retains water which causes weight to increase.

In the next 4 weeks coming up I’m going to stay the course and continue to stay to eat smaller portions and selection healthier options when I can.¬†I am pleased with my progress so and do plan on making major dietary changes but not quite ready yet. I’m trying to take baby steps this time around.

Well that’s it for now. Keep a look out for future blog postings. I have a few things planned.

Good luck and keep your head up!


P.S. I intended to post a photo but there is literally no visible difference that is picked up by the photo. Maybe on the 8 week mark things will be different.



I Haven’t Forgotten

Dear friends, family and/or curious reader

I’m sorry there has been such a gap in my postings as of late, unfortunately my wife and I had been going through a difficult time since we had to make the heart wrenching decision to put our dog ginger to sleep.¬† Ginger was suffering from a tumour that started to block her from pooping properly. The grieving process for this has been a tough one, but getting better.To make things worse my father was also having some health issues and ended up in the hospital for a few days, but now seems to have made a full recovery and doing well.

I would like to point out during all this turmoil I hadn’t forgotten about my plan for a healthy me. I have still be visiting the gym on a regular basis and in fact did 2 aqua fit classes in one day (morning & evening) yesterday.

In closing I’d like to say I’m feel great despite the emotional ups and downs over the past few weeks. My plan is still very much on track and next week I will be posting a complete update including photos.

Sincerely Chuck

Good luck and keep your head up!

Excuses Are Useless!

This morning I had planned to go for a 9:15am Aqua fit class after I brought my wife to work. When I woke up in the morning I was feeling congested from a head cold, my foot was swelled and sore. I easily determined I was taking the class off and MAYBE I’ll go for a swim tonight.

After I dropped Rochelle off at work and while driving home I really started think about Maybe going for a swim tonight. It was that maybe that really got me. What exactly did maybe mean? I think at the time at least it ment I didn’t have an excuse not to go but I’d have time to think of an excuse later. This is when I decided I’ll go for sure!

Then I started thinking about my excuses for not going at 9:15am. Yes I had chest congestion, but I could take cold medication to help with those symptoms. So there’s one excuse not to go gone. And yes my foot was hurting and swelled but it hurts and is swollen most of the time, so what would a few hours of sitting in my recliner doing nothing do? The answer is nothing. ¬†So as I pulled into my driveway I decided I will go for the morning class. I can’t let excuses win. I must be strong, I must focus on my goal.

I rushed around and grabbed all the things I needed and stuffed them into my gym bag. I made it to the gym and down to the pool with only a minute to spare. The instructor today was a very intense one and ran a very fast paced class and really had me pushing my limits. When the class was over I sat in my car and thought how happy I was for going as you can see in the post workout selfie.