The Temptations of Christmas

A diet around christmas time usually ends in disaster! With keto and the right planning this doesn’t have to be the case. What you need to do is think back to christmases past and what types of foods you have encountered that may not be keto friendly. Once you got that list, think about which ones you can live without eating Now I’m sure you are left with a list one one or two non keto friendly things. I personally was left with many, but they are all in the same “family”. Cookies and sweets! In my family we will be having a few holiday get togethers and without a doubt sweets will play a big role. Some will get placed out as pre dinner snacks and make an appearance again at the end of the meal as a sweet way to end it all. I know for me personally seeing my father enjoying a plate full of goodies will have me saying “just one won’t hurt’ and before long that one multiples and the guilt comes in and the whole eating healthy plan gets derailed.

I don’t want it to be that way this year, so I started researching alternatives to some of my favourite Christmas cookies…….Short Bread! I found many different keto friendly recipes on line. All of them were similar but varied slightly when it came to extra ingredients such as nuts, lemon flavour, maple flavour and such. I didn’t want anything fancy. I just wanted that buttery cookie with just a hint of sweet.  So I took all the various ideas I read and came up with my own recipe. It was quite simple and easy to make. I’ll post it here if you wish to try.

Chuck’s Keto Shortbread Cookies

2 cups Almond Flour

1/3 Xylitol or Any substitute you wish(may need to vary quantity depending on sweetness)

6 tsp melted butter

1 egg


In large bowl mix together all ingredients until the dough is formed. (will be crumbly)

Place on a piece of plastic wrap and form into a tube. Wrap the plastic wrap tightly around the tube and place in the freezer for 30 to 45 minutes

remove from freezer and cut with a knife to about 30 even pieces

Bake @350 for 15 minutes or until golden brown on parchment lined baking sheet

Allow to cool and enjoy!

Nutritional Information

per 1 cookie

Calories: 49kcal

Protein: 0.7g

Carbs: 5g (Fibre 0.2g, Sugar 0.08g)

Fat: 3.6g (saturated 1.69g, unsaturated 0.8g)


I wrote this post before I tasted and would suggest a few changes.  Use 1/4 cup sweetener and maybe cut the almond flour to 1 1/2 cups with 1/2 cups of coconut flour. The cookies are great but these tweaks will make them awesome!



React and Adapt

Things don’t always go as planned

“Stick to your vision but adapt to your plan”Brian Maggi

Before I went to bed Friday night I set a plan in place for my Saturday. Wake up @ 7:30am eat breakfast, shower and be at work for 9. Work my last 4 hour shift(Starting 8’s Sunday). After work I was going to the gym. This was the day I thought I’d start on the bikes.

Went to sleep about 10:30pm. Wide awake at 5am with no chance of getting those 2 hours or so of sleep in, so I got up and made some oatmeal for breakfast. Okay no problem, since I’m up I might as well start my day with a trip top he gym instead of having it after work. Gym doesn’t open until 7am so as I ate I watched a few youtube videos including this one. I’ve seen it before, but I really like this guys series and I wanted to watch it again, along with a few others on his channel.

A 6:45 I packed a gym bag, some snacks and headed to the YMCA, arriving right at 7. This is when I noticed I didn’t have my gym shoes( I was wearing my work shoes) and therefore could not ride the bikes. In the past I probably would have just gone home. Not today, not ever again. I just changed my plan of action but kept the goal the same. I knew the pool opened at 7:30 so I sat in the comfy chairs in the men’s change room, read the news paper and headed down stairs to the pool. I had a great 30 minutes swim and 10 laps which was a great increase from the ZERO laps I’ve done for years. I was quite proud of my self. The rest of my Saturday went on as planned.

I knew I was working my first 8 hour shift in a few months on Sunday so I had planned to take the day of the gym, but that didn’t mean I took a day off of my goals and plan. Instead of hitting the gym I did a 15 minute low impact video I found on youtube from the HASFIT channel. (Side note I highly recommend their videos). After that I felt great and was ready to take on my day.

As you see things didn’t always go as planned but I kept my focus on my goals and adapted my plan to meet those changes and challenges. I’m also learning that it’s little efforts that will make the most impact. I won’t always be able to hit the gym and get a full workout in, but I can easily find 15 minutes to get the blood flowing with a low impact cardio like the one I did today. If you know of any videos and routines like this please share them with me, or if you have any questions or comments you can comment on here or send an email to

That’s it for now. Good luck and keep your head up!