1 Month on Keto

Today (December 26th) marks 1 month of being on Keto.  This has been mostly a learning period and I wasn’t being very strict. The next month I will begin being more strict. Even being a bit laxed I have made some great gains(losses) and I’m very excited for the future. In the past and on other diets or weightloss attempts the 1 month persiod is gernerally were things start to unravel and the romance of it weins. I’m not experiencing any of this with Keto, if anything it’s growing stronger. My food cravings are all gone, emergy has increased and I feel less hungry.


In closing please check out my results from the 1st month.

Chest: 1inch lost

Upper arm: 1inch lost

Thigh: 6.5 inches lost

Neck: 2 inches lost

Midsection: 1inch lost

Waist: 8inches lost

Weight: 23lbs lost



I have Something To Say….

Okay it’s time for a confession and an admission……


I’ve been sick with a cold, and when I’m sick I turn into a giant baby!! When this happens all rational behaviour and thinking ends and I generally end up giving into a cravings and binge eat. Well this time I didn’t really go too far overboard, but I did eat a chocolate bar for the first time in well over a month. Admittedly it was fantastic! Mmmmm the chocolatley goodness was great. I truly enjoyed it and when it was over a funny thing happened…… NOTHING! Nothing  happened. There was no guilt from eating it. I didn’t turn into a chocolate craving monster eating every ounce of chocolate I saw. I didn’t unravel all the hard work I’ve been putting in trying to loose this weight and getting in better health. I guess the point I’m trying to make is things are okay in moderation. A chocolate bar every once in a while isn’t a terrible thing, although I do not foresee me eating one for a bit, but I do see a big piece of Chocolate cake in my future since my birthday is April 24th and my wife’s is the 25th.

I also wanted to mention even though I’ve been sick with this cold I have still been going to the gym for a swim and or aquafit classes and feeling great! I truly feel like I’m getting back to my old self again, but with more knowledge and self awareness ! Thanks for all the support.

Good luck and keep your head up!





When Your Big You Gotta Think Small

Small changes. Long lasting rewards

In my last post (React and Adapt) I had briefly mentioned I was quickly learning that small changes make for long lasting impact when it comes to a healthy life style. I thought I’d write a post in go into that in greater detail. With this original statement I was referring to not being able to make it to the gym for a full workout for a full work out so I had a brief 15 minute cardio workout while watching a video from youtube. While the federal government does recommend a person get 30 minutes for physical activity per day, there have been several studies that suggest even as little as 15 minutes per day or 90 minutes a week of physical activity can have positive effects on your health and increase the length of your life. The studies also concluded that persons who did minimum of 15 minutes of physical activity per day lived on average 3 to 5 years longer than those who are mostly inactive. It also should be noted that once a person starts to exercise a minimum of 15 minutes per day will eventually(in most cases) start increasing that amount over time. Physical activity can be as simple as house cleaning, cutting the grass, walking a short distance and back or completing an aerobics class.

Aerobics classes/cardio workouts do not have to be done at a gym. there are plenty of options for a  aerobic class or cardio workout online. One of the sites I highly recommend is HasFit it is a free website run a gentleman named Coach Kosak and his wife Claudia. The site has many different workout programs and routines for all different target areas and fitness levels. There is also information of diet, nutrition and healthy recipes. If your in need of motivation there is also a section for that on their as well. When I had success with weight loss sin the past Hasfit was a big part of that. They are equally as big of a part now as they were then.

Another small change you can do is stop drinking your calories or reducing the amount of calories you are drinking.This means no more pop, fruit juice and  coffee with milk/creak or sugar. Pop is quite obvious, but fruit juice is not . Yes it’s true fruit juice generally good for you but it also contains stuff that is not that great for you and you are also getting less of the good stuff then you would be if you ate the real thing.  Coffee with cream/mil & sugar may be harder for some of you to cut. To make things easier try switching to a sugar alternative like stevia and for the milk/cream try cutting back slowly. For example if you take 2 cream. try 1.5 for a week or two and than move to 1 and keep cutting back until you no longer have milk. Studies have found even small changes like this could help you loose 1 to 2 pounds per month without any further exercise.

Well that is it for now, but since you made it all the way to the end I will let you in on a little secret. Today after my workout I weighed myself and discovered I am down 4.8 pounds in about 8 days. I feel great, have increased energy already and noticing small physical changes. Only 5.2 pounds to go to hit my first goal of 10 pounds lost. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement.

Good luck and keep you head up!


React and Adapt

Things don’t always go as planned

“Stick to your vision but adapt to your plan”Brian Maggi

Before I went to bed Friday night I set a plan in place for my Saturday. Wake up @ 7:30am eat breakfast, shower and be at work for 9. Work my last 4 hour shift(Starting 8’s Sunday). After work I was going to the gym. This was the day I thought I’d start on the bikes.

Went to sleep about 10:30pm. Wide awake at 5am with no chance of getting those 2 hours or so of sleep in, so I got up and made some oatmeal for breakfast. Okay no problem, since I’m up I might as well start my day with a trip top he gym instead of having it after work. Gym doesn’t open until 7am so as I ate I watched a few youtube videos including this one. https://youtu.be/Zy64CQP7Pq0 I’ve seen it before, but I really like this guys series and I wanted to watch it again, along with a few others on his channel.

A 6:45 I packed a gym bag, some snacks and headed to the YMCA, arriving right at 7. This is when I noticed I didn’t have my gym shoes( I was wearing my work shoes) and therefore could not ride the bikes. In the past I probably would have just gone home. Not today, not ever again. I just changed my plan of action but kept the goal the same. I knew the pool opened at 7:30 so I sat in the comfy chairs in the men’s change room, read the news paper and headed down stairs to the pool. I had a great 30 minutes swim and 10 laps which was a great increase from the ZERO laps I’ve done for years. I was quite proud of my self. The rest of my Saturday went on as planned.

I knew I was working my first 8 hour shift in a few months on Sunday so I had planned to take the day of the gym, but that didn’t mean I took a day off of my goals and plan. Instead of hitting the gym I did a 15 minute low impact video I found on youtube from the HASFIT channel.https://youtu.be/xPNUd-NgCnA (Side note I highly recommend their videos). After that I felt great and was ready to take on my day.

As you see things didn’t always go as planned but I kept my focus on my goals and adapted my plan to meet those changes and challenges. I’m also learning that it’s little efforts that will make the most impact. I won’t always be able to hit the gym and get a full workout in, but I can easily find 15 minutes to get the blood flowing with a low impact cardio like the one I did today. If you know of any videos and routines like this please share them with me, or if you have any questions or comments you can comment on here or send an email to chunktochuck@gmail.com

That’s it for now. Good luck and keep your head up!


Setbacks Are Not Let Downs- An Update

Today I had my first appointment with a foot and ankle specialist appointed by W.I.S.I.B. (Workers compensation). Unfortunately it was in Cambridge, which is about an hours drive. Luckily I have the worlds greatest dad and he drove me to my appointment. THANK YOU DAD!

The appointment it self went great. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They really helped me understand what happened to my foot and all the inner workings of said foot when the hydraulic cylinder fell on it. They told me I have lost mobility and feeling in some of my toes (I knew that since I couldn’t feel them and move them like I one did). This is caused by a large mass, maybe scar tissue maybe something else on the top of my foot and in between the toes.  At this point they cannot say if it’s permanent or temporary, but did prescribe some changes.

  1. The orthotic insoles that were made are great for my arches but do nothing for the toes, so they prescribed some changes to them to make them more sturdy in the toe area.
  2. Most unfortunately for me I have to wear an air cast until I see them in April, with the exception of when I am at work where I have to wear steel toed shoes
  3. Some good news I can ditch the cane!
  4. More good news,(depending how you look at it) I can go back to working a full shift at work.
  5. Even more good news, is another exception to number 2. I can start using the bikes at the gym, so in addition to aqua fit for cardio I can use the bikes! I’m very excited about this.

So as you can see there were both good and bad points that came out of this appointment, but all are leading me to a good place. The doctor and the physio therapists did say by improving my body and moving towards a healthy weight will help improve my recovery and they both provided some excellent motivation.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading. Keep your head up and good luck!


The Reeling Feeling

“You have to lift your head out of the mud and just do it” -Teri Garr

Yesterday I made the HUGE leap forward and shared my first blog posting on Facebook. Needless to say there were a few shocked people. Even family and close friends did not know how I was truly feeling, although they had their suspicions. The response from everyone was simply amazing. I mean I knew the usual suspects would respond like Mom, dad, in-laws, brothers, sisters and a select few friends, but then I started receiving responses from casual acquaintances and friends of friends and even someone who I have no known link to. I truly feel I have an army of people behind me and with all your love, thoughts, prayers & support I can leave all my past issues right where they belong; a stepping stone to a better me!

I wanted to talk about putting your troubles out there for everyone to see, absorb and critique. For years when I read Facebook posts about someone struggling with something, I often wouldn’t read it or think to my self “wow, they should be keeping that private and deal with things on their own”. Looking back I realize how selfish that was of me. For those of you who have put themselves out there and I didn’t offer support or encouragement I am truly sorry and frankly embarrassed. I know now how hard it is to reveal your struggles. I vow I will NEVER let this happen again. I will be there for you. I may not always be able to give the best advice or even the answers you need, but I will be there to hear you out and help in any way I can. This is my promise to ANYONE, and I truly mean ANYONE, even if I don’t know you feel free to message me and I will be there for you.

Another thing I wanted to mention was my experience the first day I joined the YMCA. After exiting the change room for the fist time I started to feel a rush of anxiety overcome me. I was seconds away from turning around and head back to the change room, when this man, who was probably in his 60’s said to me “Good luck, and keep your head up”. I don’t know if he saw the panic look in my eyes or just picking up on the fact I was walking with a cane and carried a lot of weight. What ever it was, it set a fire inside me. The statement was short and to the point but it helped me at that moment. I want to thank that man, but I’m not sure I’d even recognize him . I ask those of you reading this now, if you ever see anyone struggling in anyway please wish them luck and remind them to keep their head up because those simple words can go a long way.

Thanks for reading! Keep your head up and good luck with whatever it is your doing or going through.

Excuses Are Useless!

This morning I had planned to go for a 9:15am Aqua fit class after I brought my wife to work. When I woke up in the morning I was feeling congested from a head cold, my foot was swelled and sore. I easily determined I was taking the class off and MAYBE I’ll go for a swim tonight.

After I dropped Rochelle off at work and while driving home I really started think about Maybe going for a swim tonight. It was that maybe that really got me. What exactly did maybe mean? I think at the time at least it ment I didn’t have an excuse not to go but I’d have time to think of an excuse later. This is when I decided I’ll go for sure!

Then I started thinking about my excuses for not going at 9:15am. Yes I had chest congestion, but I could take cold medication to help with those symptoms. So there’s one excuse not to go gone. And yes my foot was hurting and swelled but it hurts and is swollen most of the time, so what would a few hours of sitting in my recliner doing nothing do? The answer is nothing.  So as I pulled into my driveway I decided I will go for the morning class. I can’t let excuses win. I must be strong, I must focus on my goal.

I rushed around and grabbed all the things I needed and stuffed them into my gym bag. I made it to the gym and down to the pool with only a minute to spare. The instructor today was a very intense one and ran a very fast paced class and really had me pushing my limits. When the class was over I sat in my car and thought how happy I was for going as you can see in the post workout selfie.