Can is Being Kicked Again

Back for attempt number……….Er…….. too many to count. Just like those other times this time is different and its going to work this time.  The reality this time is those words are actually true. In the past when deciding to make changes in my life, loose weight and be the best me I could be I made vague statements like “I’m gonna eat healthier” or I’m gonna eat smaller portions”. The difference this time I’m actually following a a diet. A real diet, not just one I made up in my head with those “healthy foods” I’ve been told I’ve needed to eat for ages, AKA the food pyramid.

Starting November 26th I began eating what they call the keto lifestyle. I’ll get into more details on keto in future posts but I will say since the 1st day I have lost about 20 lbs and really feeling great. Energy is up, appetite is down and overall health is improving.

Today’s post is just going to be short and to the point. I wanted to let you know I’m back on the healthy living train and back to the blog (I know someone of you actually missed it). So please look for my future posts and possibly videos. So you don’t miss any posts please join my Facebook page From Chunk to Chuck

Thanks for reading


“Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today?” -Tim Fargo



I have Something To Say….

Okay it’s time for a confession and an admission……


I’ve been sick with a cold, and when I’m sick I turn into a giant baby!! When this happens all rational behaviour and thinking ends and I generally end up giving into a cravings and binge eat. Well this time I didn’t really go too far overboard, but I did eat a chocolate bar for the first time in well over a month. Admittedly it was fantastic! Mmmmm the chocolatley goodness was great. I truly enjoyed it and when it was over a funny thing happened…… NOTHING! Nothing  happened. There was no guilt from eating it. I didn’t turn into a chocolate craving monster eating every ounce of chocolate I saw. I didn’t unravel all the hard work I’ve been putting in trying to loose this weight and getting in better health. I guess the point I’m trying to make is things are okay in moderation. A chocolate bar every once in a while isn’t a terrible thing, although I do not foresee me eating one for a bit, but I do see a big piece of Chocolate cake in my future since my birthday is April 24th and my wife’s is the 25th.

I also wanted to mention even though I’ve been sick with this cold I have still been going to the gym for a swim and or aquafit classes and feeling great! I truly feel like I’m getting back to my old self again, but with more knowledge and self awareness ! Thanks for all the support.

Good luck and keep your head up!





The First Four Weeks

Here I am at 4 weeks into this journey🙂. I have to say it certainly have been a trying time for me. There have been plenty of emotional ups and downs, and in the past this is what would have sidetracked me. I did not let that happen this time. I will admit there had been a few times I ate a larger portion or didn’t choose the most healthiest, but those were basically just blimps in the radar and did not take me completely off my plan. Also it should be noted, my plan for the first bit was to focus on getting into routine of physical activity and am proud to say I have been doing great in that aspect. I get to the gym for a swim or aquafit class nearly every day and sometimes twice a day! I haven’t been doing the bikes all that often because it does cause some discomfort with my foot, so I think for the time being I will just stick to the pool.

There hasn’t been much changes in the discomfort of my foot.  I’m still wearing the aircast when not at work or somewhere where I have to drive(can’t drive with it on). I’m still waiting to receive my updated orthotics so I can wear them in my work shoes. Hopefully once that comes in and my feet adjust to it I will start noticing a change. I go back to see the surgeon in April so I’ll get a better idea of what the nest step will be.

I’ve been starting to notice some changes in my body. I feel muscles tightening in my shoulders and chest. There is no ‘major’ noticeable body changes but I can see some ‘minor’ ones. For starters my pants are much easier to button and shirts ate fitting better.  As far as the weight I’m done 8 pounds. Not quite the 10 I was aiming for, but still a good number and as I’ve been told I’m building muscle from the swimming and muscle burns fat but retains water which causes weight to increase.

In the next 4 weeks coming up I’m going to stay the course and continue to stay to eat smaller portions and selection healthier options when I can. I am pleased with my progress so and do plan on making major dietary changes but not quite ready yet. I’m trying to take baby steps this time around.

Well that’s it for now. Keep a look out for future blog postings. I have a few things planned.

Good luck and keep your head up!


P.S. I intended to post a photo but there is literally no visible difference that is picked up by the photo. Maybe on the 8 week mark things will be different.


I Haven’t Forgotten

Dear friends, family and/or curious reader

I’m sorry there has been such a gap in my postings as of late, unfortunately my wife and I had been going through a difficult time since we had to make the heart wrenching decision to put our dog ginger to sleep.  Ginger was suffering from a tumour that started to block her from pooping properly. The grieving process for this has been a tough one, but getting better.To make things worse my father was also having some health issues and ended up in the hospital for a few days, but now seems to have made a full recovery and doing well.

I would like to point out during all this turmoil I hadn’t forgotten about my plan for a healthy me. I have still be visiting the gym on a regular basis and in fact did 2 aqua fit classes in one day (morning & evening) yesterday.

In closing I’d like to say I’m feel great despite the emotional ups and downs over the past few weeks. My plan is still very much on track and next week I will be posting a complete update including photos.

Sincerely Chuck

Good luck and keep your head up!

When Your Big You Gotta Think Small

Small changes. Long lasting rewards

In my last post (React and Adapt) I had briefly mentioned I was quickly learning that small changes make for long lasting impact when it comes to a healthy life style. I thought I’d write a post in go into that in greater detail. With this original statement I was referring to not being able to make it to the gym for a full workout for a full work out so I had a brief 15 minute cardio workout while watching a video from youtube. While the federal government does recommend a person get 30 minutes for physical activity per day, there have been several studies that suggest even as little as 15 minutes per day or 90 minutes a week of physical activity can have positive effects on your health and increase the length of your life. The studies also concluded that persons who did minimum of 15 minutes of physical activity per day lived on average 3 to 5 years longer than those who are mostly inactive. It also should be noted that once a person starts to exercise a minimum of 15 minutes per day will eventually(in most cases) start increasing that amount over time. Physical activity can be as simple as house cleaning, cutting the grass, walking a short distance and back or completing an aerobics class.

Aerobics classes/cardio workouts do not have to be done at a gym. there are plenty of options for a  aerobic class or cardio workout online. One of the sites I highly recommend is HasFit it is a free website run a gentleman named Coach Kosak and his wife Claudia. The site has many different workout programs and routines for all different target areas and fitness levels. There is also information of diet, nutrition and healthy recipes. If your in need of motivation there is also a section for that on their as well. When I had success with weight loss sin the past Hasfit was a big part of that. They are equally as big of a part now as they were then.

Another small change you can do is stop drinking your calories or reducing the amount of calories you are drinking.This means no more pop, fruit juice and  coffee with milk/creak or sugar. Pop is quite obvious, but fruit juice is not . Yes it’s true fruit juice generally good for you but it also contains stuff that is not that great for you and you are also getting less of the good stuff then you would be if you ate the real thing.  Coffee with cream/mil & sugar may be harder for some of you to cut. To make things easier try switching to a sugar alternative like stevia and for the milk/cream try cutting back slowly. For example if you take 2 cream. try 1.5 for a week or two and than move to 1 and keep cutting back until you no longer have milk. Studies have found even small changes like this could help you loose 1 to 2 pounds per month without any further exercise.

Well that is it for now, but since you made it all the way to the end I will let you in on a little secret. Today after my workout I weighed myself and discovered I am down 4.8 pounds in about 8 days. I feel great, have increased energy already and noticing small physical changes. Only 5.2 pounds to go to hit my first goal of 10 pounds lost. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement.

Good luck and keep you head up!


React and Adapt

Things don’t always go as planned

“Stick to your vision but adapt to your plan”Brian Maggi

Before I went to bed Friday night I set a plan in place for my Saturday. Wake up @ 7:30am eat breakfast, shower and be at work for 9. Work my last 4 hour shift(Starting 8’s Sunday). After work I was going to the gym. This was the day I thought I’d start on the bikes.

Went to sleep about 10:30pm. Wide awake at 5am with no chance of getting those 2 hours or so of sleep in, so I got up and made some oatmeal for breakfast. Okay no problem, since I’m up I might as well start my day with a trip top he gym instead of having it after work. Gym doesn’t open until 7am so as I ate I watched a few youtube videos including this one. I’ve seen it before, but I really like this guys series and I wanted to watch it again, along with a few others on his channel.

A 6:45 I packed a gym bag, some snacks and headed to the YMCA, arriving right at 7. This is when I noticed I didn’t have my gym shoes( I was wearing my work shoes) and therefore could not ride the bikes. In the past I probably would have just gone home. Not today, not ever again. I just changed my plan of action but kept the goal the same. I knew the pool opened at 7:30 so I sat in the comfy chairs in the men’s change room, read the news paper and headed down stairs to the pool. I had a great 30 minutes swim and 10 laps which was a great increase from the ZERO laps I’ve done for years. I was quite proud of my self. The rest of my Saturday went on as planned.

I knew I was working my first 8 hour shift in a few months on Sunday so I had planned to take the day of the gym, but that didn’t mean I took a day off of my goals and plan. Instead of hitting the gym I did a 15 minute low impact video I found on youtube from the HASFIT channel. (Side note I highly recommend their videos). After that I felt great and was ready to take on my day.

As you see things didn’t always go as planned but I kept my focus on my goals and adapted my plan to meet those changes and challenges. I’m also learning that it’s little efforts that will make the most impact. I won’t always be able to hit the gym and get a full workout in, but I can easily find 15 minutes to get the blood flowing with a low impact cardio like the one I did today. If you know of any videos and routines like this please share them with me, or if you have any questions or comments you can comment on here or send an email to

That’s it for now. Good luck and keep your head up!


Setbacks Are Not Let Downs- An Update

Today I had my first appointment with a foot and ankle specialist appointed by W.I.S.I.B. (Workers compensation). Unfortunately it was in Cambridge, which is about an hours drive. Luckily I have the worlds greatest dad and he drove me to my appointment. THANK YOU DAD!

The appointment it self went great. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They really helped me understand what happened to my foot and all the inner workings of said foot when the hydraulic cylinder fell on it. They told me I have lost mobility and feeling in some of my toes (I knew that since I couldn’t feel them and move them like I one did). This is caused by a large mass, maybe scar tissue maybe something else on the top of my foot and in between the toes.  At this point they cannot say if it’s permanent or temporary, but did prescribe some changes.

  1. The orthotic insoles that were made are great for my arches but do nothing for the toes, so they prescribed some changes to them to make them more sturdy in the toe area.
  2. Most unfortunately for me I have to wear an air cast until I see them in April, with the exception of when I am at work where I have to wear steel toed shoes
  3. Some good news I can ditch the cane!
  4. More good news,(depending how you look at it) I can go back to working a full shift at work.
  5. Even more good news, is another exception to number 2. I can start using the bikes at the gym, so in addition to aqua fit for cardio I can use the bikes! I’m very excited about this.

So as you can see there were both good and bad points that came out of this appointment, but all are leading me to a good place. The doctor and the physio therapists did say by improving my body and moving towards a healthy weight will help improve my recovery and they both provided some excellent motivation.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading. Keep your head up and good luck!