Setbacks Are Not Let Downs- An Update

Today I had my first appointment with a foot and ankle specialist appointed by W.I.S.I.B. (Workers compensation). Unfortunately it was in Cambridge, which is about an hours drive. Luckily I have the worlds greatest dad and he drove me to my appointment. THANK YOU DAD!

The appointment it self went great. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They really helped me understand what happened to my foot and all the inner workings of said foot when the hydraulic cylinder fell on it. They told me I have lost mobility and feeling in some of my toes (I knew that since I couldn’t feel them and move them like I one did). This is caused by a large mass, maybe scar tissue maybe something else on the top of my foot and in between the toes.  At this point they cannot say if it’s permanent or temporary, but did prescribe some changes.

  1. The orthotic insoles that were made are great for my arches but do nothing for the toes, so they prescribed some changes to them to make them more sturdy in the toe area.
  2. Most unfortunately for me I have to wear an air cast until I see them in April, with the exception of when I am at work where I have to wear steel toed shoes
  3. Some good news I can ditch the cane!
  4. More good news,(depending how you look at it) I can go back to working a full shift at work.
  5. Even more good news, is another exception to number 2. I can start using the bikes at the gym, so in addition to aqua fit for cardio I can use the bikes! I’m very excited about this.

So as you can see there were both good and bad points that came out of this appointment, but all are leading me to a good place. The doctor and the physio therapists did say by improving my body and moving towards a healthy weight will help improve my recovery and they both provided some excellent motivation.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading. Keep your head up and good luck!



Author: chuckthecanuck

I'm just an average late 30's guy trying to become the best me I can be.

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