First Steps

As I mentioned in my previous post I have attempted loosing weight and live a healthy lifestyle in the past with some quick success, but it didn’t last. In those other times I kinda rushed into things, changing my eating habits and lifestyle all at once. This time I plan to take a different approach. To Start I’m not changing eating habits too drastically to in the beginning. Instead I will focus on getting my ass to the gym for the aqua fit every day. Once I get into a good comfortable routine this is the point i plan to change up my diet. I don’t plan on being overly restrictive, just make better choices and quantity I’m eating.

Another thing I’m doing that is different is this blog. I’m generally a fairly private person and don’t often share my emotions or thoughts. I feel by using this blog as a journal of sorts will help keep me motivated. I’m also asking for your help and encouragement. Soon I’m going to need advice on exercises I should be doing and can do given my foot injury. I look forward to getting messages and comments from you whether your friend, family or stranger. All is welcome.

In closing I’d like share some of my stats as I start this journey. I will post often an any updates.

Age 35

Weight 348.2

Height 5’7′

Desired weight: 180

Fist goal: 338.0 (10 pound loss)



Author: chuckthecanuck

I'm just an average late 30's guy trying to become the best me I can be.

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